How to install TVM on MAC OS

 · 2 mins read

Hello, today’s tutorial is about installing Apache TVM on your Mac OS. Some steps are required for beginners to install it successfully. Friends, Apache TVM is an open-source ML compiler framework for GPUS, CPUs, and deep learning accelerators. The goal of TVM is to enable the deep learning community to optimize and then run computations efficiently on hardware. TVM has a diverse community of hardware vendors, compiler engineers, and ML researchers. This community has built a unified, programmable software stack to enrich the ML technology ecosystem and make it available to everyone. As a result of this collective effort, the performance goes up. We require the following steps to install TVM on MacOS successfully. Please note that Homebrew is required for either Intel or Apple’s M1 chip processors. We need cmake, llvm and Python3.8; please note that currently, Python3.9 have some issues, so I will highly recommend Python3.8

Step 1

brew install gcc git cmake
brew install llvm

If Python3.8 is not installed then either use virtualenv or conda env to install it, otherwise use

brew install python@3.8

Step 2

By default brew will not link your llvm installation to correct path, for this you need to force link it

brew link llvm --force

Step 3

git clone --recursive tvm

Step 4

cd tvm
mkdir build
cp cmake/config.cmake build

Step 5

We need to edit edit build/config.cmake file to customize the compilation options, so we can directly add set(USE_LLVM ON) and let cmake search for a usable version of LLVM. After that we will build and make tvm.

cd build
cmake ..
make -j4

Step 6

Once all make is finished successfully, we need to install Python package for this tvm, so that we can use it in Python codes.

cd python; python install --user; cd ..

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