Playing piano with Python

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Hi there!

Hello everyone Welcome to Pyshine and today we will play a poem By using the wav files for each note of the Piano I have a folder of wave files You may easily find the folder from the link below

Ok so lets start the coding First we require the list of notes so

Twinkle_List = ['c4','c4','g4','g4','a4','a4','g4',\

This list has a total of 48 notes, and each line has 7 notes We will play each note one by one and when we reach the end of a line , we simply give a pause of 1 second Between each note we will give a 0.3 second pause

Lets import the required Libraries

from threading import Thread
import pygame as pg 
import time 

First we initialize the mixer of pygame pg


To be on safe side we will make the number of mixer channels to be equal to the number of elements in the Twinkle_List


Now its time to make the function

def play_notes(notePath,duration):
	time.sleep(duration) # make a pause 
	time.sleep(duration) # Let the sound play 
	print(notePath) # To see which note is now playing

Next is to make the path , all wav files are in Sounds folder A total of 88 wav files

path  = 'Sounds/'

cnt =1	# A counter to delay once a line is finished as there
# are 6 total lines

We now make a dictionary for each thread th

th = {}

Lets iterate the Twinkle_List and launch each thread to Play the note

for t in Twinkle_List:
	th[t] = Thread(target = play_notes,args = (path+'{}.wav'.format(t),0.3))
	# These are arguments (path+'{}.wav'.format(t),0.3)
	# Lets start the thread
	if cnt%7==0:
		print("---Long Pause---")
		time.sleep(1) # Let the sound play for the last note of each line

Thats all lets play the code This time we also visualize the waveform That visualizer will be explained in next lab Just have fun Thanks for watching please like and subscribe for the upcoming videos and tutorials Have a nice and healthy day!